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This round display riser is the perfect way to showcase your bride's choice of dress! 

Can also be used as an alteration platform in your fitting room.


Measures 30 Inches in Width and approx 6 Inches in Height.

Cylindrical in shape.


Comes painted in 2 colors: White or Black.


This round bridal riser is not made of foam or acrylic. Made of strong but lightweight wooden components. Handmade to order.


Smoothed top and rounded edges prevent the snagging of delicate fabrics.


Heavy duty materials used. Center supported and braced. Has been tested to hold well over 450 lbs.


Features a semi-gloss sealant in order to protect your investment. Easy to clean and maintain.


Felt pads on bottom will protect your shop floor.


**This product is not made in a factory or an assembly line. It is made to order by hand. Please allow 7 to 10 business days to construct it. There will be a few days of transit time in order to get it to your door after it ships. Please respect the estimated delivery date that is provided for you during checkout. That gives us the time we need to make it nice for you.**

Round Bridal Riser 30x6

SKU: RoundRiserWB
$340.00 Regular Price
$323.00Sale Price
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