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With this elegant platform you will help the bride to show off the most beautiful of dresses! These pedestals help to highlight clothing options and accessories. Our viewing platforms are made with high quality materials and stand up to heavy use.


Can also be used as a "step up" fitting stand for seamstresses, tailors, cleaners etc.


For displays, measurements, alterations and fittings. WIDE and STURDY without being heavy and taking up too much space in your shop or fitting room floor.


*Each pedestal is 6 Inches tall and can be either 30 or 36 inches wide.*
*(30x7 or 36x7)


Can be ordered either with a Stained TOP or Carpeted.


STAINED TOP is made of cabinet grade plywood, sanded smooth on top and edges. Stained in BLACK or WHITE and sealed with polyurethane.

Made of real wood, not laminate or resin.


CARPETED TOP comes in either GRAY or TAN utility-grade carpet.

Lightweight but very sturdy. Center-braced. Has been tested to hold well over 400 lbs!


This platform is specifically designed for its purpose.

Not made in a factory or on an assembly line. Made by hand, with skill and love.


We also have other fitting platform design options in our shop. You can request a custom order if needed.


Multiple and large quantity orders available. 

*Please note that your order will leave our shop within 7 to 10 business days. There will then be a few days of transit time once we ship it to you. We ask that you respect the estimated shipping and arrival dates provided. It allows us the time to make the best product possible for you.*

Octagonal Bridal Riser and Alteration Fitting Platform

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