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Are you a seamstress, dressmaker or tailor? This elegant "step up" fitting stand is perfect for you! 


Measures 24" square and 6" tall. The perfect size.


TOP is made of solid Black Walnut.
The sturdy, square BASE is made of solid Maple. 


No stain has been added. Only clear polyurethane to enhance the natural wood beauty.


This platform is designed to last for many years.


For measurements, alterations and fittings. WIDE and STURDY without being heavy and taking up too much space in your shop or fitting room floor.


Lightweight but very sturdy. Center-braced. Has been tested to hold over 450 lbs!


This alteration platform is specifically designed for its purpose.


Ten (10) day turnaround time from order to shipping. 


Not made in a factory or on an assembly line. Made by hand, with skill and love.

Alteration Fitting Platform For Seamstress or Tailor (Walnut and Maple)

SKU: 0010
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