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This is an alteration fitting stand that is perfect for any seamstress, dressmaker or tailor. It is specifically designed for this purpose!


This model is completely carpeted on the top and sides, making it 100% snag free!

WIDE and very STURDY without being heavy and taking up too much space in your shop or fitting room floor.


Measures 24" square and 7" tall. The perfect size.


Comes carpeted in your choice of color. Carpet can be swept or vacuumed to keep clean.

Carpet can be easily switched out if you would like to replace it after years of use.


We also offer an option to order this model uncarpeted and unfinished, so that you can carpet it on your own. 


Lightweight but very sturdy. Has been tested to hold well over 450 lbs!


Proudly made in THE U.S.A. with shipping to the United States and Canada only.


Not made in a factory or on an assembly line. Made by hand, with skill and love.


(Keep in mind that this model is not intended to be used without carpet or cloth. It is not intended to be painted, stained etc. Use of this model without carpet will not be a basis to return it due to rough edges etc.)


We also have other fitting platform design options in our shop. You can request a custom order if needed.


Multiple and large quantity orders available.


*Please note that the order will leave our shop within 5 to 7 business days. There will then be a few days of transit time once we ship it to you. We ask that you respect the estimated shipping and arrival dates provided. It allows us the time to make the best product possible for you.*

NEW Seamstress Tailor Dressmaker Fitting Stand Fully Carpeted (24x7)

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